Faith at Work

Road to Discipleship

I first encountered Jesus Christ eight years back on 3rd of June, 2006 during the second day of my ‘Youth for Christ’ intake camp. It was during the inner healing service when, for the first time I felt a great healing taking place in me which led me to experience grace through the sacrament of reconciliation. Then, the epitome of my experience was the baptism of the Holy Spirit, the same evening. I remember clearly that, that night I went to bed extremely happy and eagerly waiting for what was ahead of me in times to come. If any of you knew me back then, I was a nice jovial guy but I thought this spirituality thing is just not for me. So my concept of prayer was attending mass every Sunday and being present for family prayers, but then, after experiencing the Lord I genuinely wanted to be much closer to him.
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CFCI Singles Conference 2014

CFCI is pleased to announce the CFCI National Singles Conference 2014 to be held from 29th-31st August 2014 at Goa. This year once again, Goa will play host to the CFCI Singles from all over India. Three days packed to the brim with fellowship, prayer, intercession, praise and much more and you have an offer of a front row seat.
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The Need of Prayer for Elections

As elections are round the corner, there is a constant worry about what the outcome of the coming is going to be. Whether the Government that will be formed will be conducive to us Christians, or whether it will be one that will bring persecution for us. The truth of the matter is that the coming Government may not be the deciding factor that puts an end to the atrocities that Christians face. In fact, there may be many more challenges that may only spur up. So all we can do is surrender to our ever loving God and pray that the journey be smooth.
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In Awe Of Your Grace

All ye nations sing songs of praise;
Raise your hands and receive His grace.
For you Lord have rescued generations;
Though we are unfaithful You turned away from our transgressions.

When I was in darkness You showed me Your light;
When I was proud You showed me Your might.
In sadness as I danced to the worlds tune;
You gave me joy as I knelt alone in my room.
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