Faith at Work

Lent – your all new Give Up list

It is February already! While we are still in the afterglow of the Christmas season, it is time to say hello to Lent. One of my personal favorite seasons (weirdo that I am) and along with Lent comes the list of ‘sacrifices’ and ‘abstinences’. While we have become comfortable giving up meat, of late the young crowd (which I still relate myself with, deniers can take a hike) have come up with more innovative ‘give ups’ for Lent.

While I am trying not to completely rip-off my inspiration for this post (thanks Christina Mead!), I am making an attempt to create a ‘give-up’ and ‘take-up’ list closer to the Indian youth context.
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His ways are better than mine

From a person who would merely say ‘Hi’ to Jesus at Sunday mass, I have gone on to talking to Him throughout the day, everyday. In this note, I want to share God’s wonderful plan for me to transform me into the person I am today. Read more as Lavisha Saldanha, CFCI Singles Bangalore shares her walk with God with the help of her Accountability Partner.
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Personal Relationships

Happiness Decoded

I often wondered when I saw my mother. How does she manage to be happy most of the time? If you have been blessed enough to spend time with her, you will testify that time just flows by when she is around and life seems to be just as God would intend it to be – JOYFUL. There is something about my mom and her continuous joy that never fails to amuse me. So one day as I was praying I thought I will ask God himself using the simple logic that if he has created my mum and he created me then probably even I have the capacity in me to have that happiness and be a constant source of joy to others.
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