St. Anthony


St. Anthony, born as Fernando Martins in the year 1195 AD in Lisbon, Portugal joined the Franciscan order at a young age where he initially he worked as a chaplain doing the lowliest of kitchen work. But the hidden jewel was soon to appear in all its brilliance. For the occasion of an ordination, the priest who was supposed to preach the sermon fell ill and so St. Anthony was asked to give the sermon. He spoke with such wisdom and eloquence that his fame spread throughout and he was asked to preach throughout Italy. St Anthony performed countless miracles in his lifetime. Continue reading


Another clean slate, another fresh start

Confession, do we really need it? Is this just another opportunity to relieve ourselves of the guilt we are feeling for the wrong we have done? Are we using the sacrament of confession the way it is intended?
For me, it is a lot more than just getting the guilt out; each confession I rush to teaches me something new, something I did not think possible. A few days ago was no exception. Continue reading


St. Rita of Cascia


On 22nd May, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Rita of Cascia, the patron saint of “the impossible“. Much like our beloved ‘Goencho Saib‘ St. Francis Xavier, St. Rita’s body lies incorrupt at the Basilica of Cascia in Umbria, Italy. Here is her life in a nutshell.

Born as Margherita Lotti, she was married forcibly at an early age to an abusive husband whom she never gave up on. She prayed for him and offered regular sacrifices. She was kind and patient with him and expressed great humility in all her dealings with him. Continue reading


Christ and I at the Mount of Temptation

In the midst of a Judean desert, after a long journey through Jericho, I reached a stretch of hills. This is commonly referred to as, “ The mountain of Temptation” and also known as Mount Quarnatani and Jabel Quruntul, derived from the Latin word for forty. I expected to see a tall mountain whose peak I wouldn’t be able to view from the ground; but instead what stood before me was a small series of hills. A lone cable car took me to the top of the hill for a view of Jordan. Continue reading