Slippery Faith

There is a beautiful hymn we sing in Church one of my favourites: The Lord is my Shepherd there is nothing I shall want. A line in that Hymn I am sure we have sung a hundred times -“If I walk in the darkness, No evil would I fear.” it feels good singing it because it reassures us and to some it makes them stronger . But what happens when we find ourselves in situations that challenge our assurance? We struggle to put our trust in those very same words. Continue reading

Faith at Work

Cracking the Code

I fiddled with my friends’ phone trying to crack his screen lock code. After several attempts at trying to win the ‘crack my screen lock’ challenge I gave up, realising that there were thousands of possible combinations which would probably take me days to crack.

That very evening as I sat in prayer the thought hit me that we have screen locks for our phones, face recognition software for our computers, passwords for our emails and social networking sites, pins for our ATM’s, latches and bolts for our doors and windows and much more. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

The turning point in our Family

The feast of the Nativity of Mary and the Sunday preceding Christmas are the two days in the year when the Church exhorts the faithful on the gospel reading of the genealogy of Jesus Christ taken from Matthew Chapter 1.

Year after year as the priest would read this gospel, I would sit wondering why the Church was crazy enough to choose such a reading with so many complicated names. Most of them were unheard of.

So why lay so much stress on the family history of Jesus? After years of just sitting and listening, I decided to take a closer look and what I found frankly astounded me. Continue reading