Training to Conquer

I had come across an interesting quote sometime back which went something like this:

“Temptations begin at the time of our birth and remain until we die. Infact they remain for ten minutes after we die, just to confirm that we are 100% dead”.

I found this very amusing and quite true, but with a pinch of sarcasm in it. Continue reading


Visit to Ishaprema Niketan

This morning, our Singles went for a service visit to Ishaprema Niketan. We taught them an action song, played a few games with them and had music and dancing. We had also collected a good amount of money which we used, to buy a variety of provisions for them. After we left from there, we had a short review meeting. It appears that our service visit was on the whole, more beneficial for us than for the inmates. Continue reading


Laudate 2015

In Couples for Christ India, the month August has always been a time where Singles from all over the country gather to hear what God has been speaking to the entire community. With 12 chapters and 260 delegates, the National Singles Conference for 2015 kicked off with the theme “Laudate-A pleasing Sacrifice” at St Joseph Vaz spiritual retreat centre, Old Goa from August 21-23 2015. Continue reading


A Love like no other

At the far end of Loyola High School campus, amid sylvan surroundings at the foot of the Pashan Hills, nestles a little retreat house (LTC) looked after by Fr. Altrichter, a venerable Jesuit priest. One of the few places in Pune, where chirping of birds is your morning alarm. The chirping of crickets on the evening of June 19, 2015, was stilled by the sounds of joy and laughter resonating in the premises, when 33 single young adults gathered together for a weekend retreat. The merriment was prior to the start of the programme, when a few ice-breakers were introduced, intended for the participants to get to know one another better. After the programme started, the silent surroundings reverberated primarily with the voices of singing and praising God. Continue reading