Faith at Work

Who me? Are you sure God?

It is never easy to say “YES” to the call of God. Have you ever experienced, when you are called to do something in response to God’s calling, the first question that comes to mind is, am I worthy? Do I have that ability? Most importantly…THE TIME? Doubt is what we are filled with. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

No man is an island

The person who said “No man is an island” really knew what he was talking about. We were not created to be alone. Our life on earth is studded with relationships of various kinds – husband/wife; parent/sibling; sibling/sibling; man/relatives; man/friends; employer/employee; boss/subordinate; master/servant and so on – apart from which, we have acquaintances with whom we also have relationships of a more superficial kind. Continue reading


Singles Weekend Retreat 2012

CFCI Singles from Goa gathered together for a Weekend Retreat on August 3,4 & 5th, 2012, for a time of worship, for sharing, for some fun, some learning and lots & lots of fun. The weekend was filled with activities and workshop helping each and everyone grow spiritually, knowing about Christ and the community and also to bond better with the brothers and sisters in the community. Continue reading

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