Servant General

On to Jerusalem

In today’s gospel we see that for the disciples, suffering was not in agreement with the idea that they had of the Messiah. The disciples were terrified, and those who were behind were afraid. They did not understand what was happening. If we know what awaits us as we serve the Lord, we will not be disappointed, discouraged or frustrated. A disciple must follow the Master, even if it entails suffering with him. Continue reading

CFCI Resources

The Christian Life Seminar

The world is in need of liberation, liberation that only Christ can offer. God, who called us to be, ‘Heralds of God’s Kingdom,’ sends us out into the world to ‘make disciples of all peoples’. The Christian Life Seminar [CLS] is about making decisions. Would you like to know more about it? Continue reading

Servant General

Seven Principles of Servanthood

In our journey to mature spirituality, we must not escape that quality which characterized the life of Jesus Christ so perfectly, the quality of unselfish servanthood. Either we will seek to serve ourselves, a choice that nullifies our capacity to live as disciples, or we will learn to live as servants out of a faith relationship with our Father through Christ. Continue reading

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