Don’t give up

It’s me once again, in the lost meadow,
Nobody with me, just my shadow.
I thought it’d be easy, but no its not
I feel like a rat about to rot

All have their weakness, but this is the worst
To kill your own body
That dies outta thirst

It’s like you cant keep yourself holy,
You sin every day
I feel like a needle lost in a stack of hay Continue reading

Personal Relationships


Our world needs proof. We don’t believe in anything unless we see it or have some proof about it. This is applicable to our faith too. In matter of our faith we want to see miracles happening in our lives. We want to see God’s supernatural works. It’s as if we are thirsting to see God work. Continue reading

Servant General

The Servant of the Lord

The reading from Isaiah 49:1-6 is very significant as it takes us back to our theme for the year 2011,

“My God is now my strength!” (Is 49:5d)

According to the eternal plan of God, we are destined to carry on our mission from the time we are in our mother’s womb.

God “formed (us) as his servant from the womb” (Is 49:5b).

Continue reading


Retreat for Couples

CFCI Chennai had a holistic family encounter with God for the Couples in Chennai on June 21-23, at Dhyana Ashram. The participants were filled with a new Christ experience as they had never experienced before and filled with Love and Joy as they concluded on 23. Continue reading

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