SFS Youth Retreat – Delhi

The vivacious youth of Delhi witnessed a wonderful time of praise and worship, adoration, lively sessions, moving testimonies and camaraderie at the three-day retreat at the St Francis De Sales School (SFS), New Delhi from October 11 to October 13, 2013 which could be revered as a sheer celebration of God’s unfathomable love and mercy. Report by Maria Laveena Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Be a Saint

There are times in a family when the only form of communication one witnesses is in the form of an argument. Sometimes it starts with a simple request to your sibling, like, “Do you mind giving me the room for a while?” and the next thing you know it is a full blown scream fest with all the past mistakes brought to light in all its glory. Such encounters rob us of our joy and leave us agitated, Mulling over the ‘injustice’ we go to bed wondering “Will I be stuck in this ‘hell hole’ forever?

One wonders if anything good can come out of these encounters.
The answer is an unexpected YES. Continue reading

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