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The First Christmas

Holy Family

Wow… it’s Christmas!!! A time of joy and celebration. It’s the birthday of a King.

Christmas is without doubt a season of festivity and happiness. It’s a season to be cheerful and spread that smile across to the rest of the world.

But today just spare a thought for all that might have happened on that day about two thousand years ago. Continue reading


Family Day – 2013

CFCI Mangalore celebrated its 10th Family Day at Our Lady of Immaculate Conception Hall, Urwa on Sunday 15th December 2013. The celebrations began with the hosts Pradeep Cornelio and Primal Cornelio welcoming the gathering. This was followed by some action songs by the music ministry were everyone was found singing and dancing along with the band. Read along as Delora Serrao CFCI Singles shares the event with us Continue reading

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