Growing up as the youngest of 3 children, I was always teased about my weight, short stature and stammering speech by my elder brothers and friends. I slowly began hating myself because I began believing all the people around me.

By the time I reached 8th standard, I had turned into a rebel. I started using foul language and began insulting people who teased me. This began putting a strain on all my relationships. No longer was I able to communicate properly with people but on the contrary, I developed a great hatred towards them. I began drinking too, in an attempt to drown out my pain and hurt but to no avail. Continue reading


The Grace to Love

One fine morning, my close friend suddenly stopped talking to me. I tried asking her but she never said why. She’s a non-catholic, tomboy, atheist and acts very hard hearted at times. She’s the centre of everyone’s attraction but since we weren’t speaking, I kept my distance from her and the group and hence felt really lonely and left out. This went on for 3 months. Continue reading


Forgiving Yourself

Many years ago, when I first received the sacrament of Holy Communion, I remember the priest explaining the parable of the prodigal son and ever since then it was stuck in the back of my head.

I attended an inner healing retreat organized by CFCI-Porvorim in May and on the very first day; the session began with this very parable, leaving me excited and in anticipation for what was to come. Continue reading

Faith at Work

Cracking the Code

I fiddled with my friends’ phone trying to crack his screen lock code. After several attempts at trying to win the ‘crack my screen lock’ challenge I gave up, realising that there were thousands of possible combinations which would probably take me days to crack.

That very evening as I sat in prayer the thought hit me that we have screen locks for our phones, face recognition software for our computers, passwords for our emails and social networking sites, pins for our ATM’s, latches and bolts for our doors and windows and much more. Continue reading

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