CLS @ Rourkela

CFCI conducted a lenten retreat, a three day CLS for the parishioners of Salangahahal parish in Rourkela. As this retreat was open to everyone, people turned out in large numbers from nearby villages like Babaimahahan, Konmendra, Jaulkudtra and Darpani as well.

There was a powerful time of prayer and healing during adoration. The participants were emotionally moved and touched by God. This was a second lenten retreat organised by CFCI in Rourkela diocese in 2016. Continue reading

Faith at Work

Praising in Word

One of the more under-rated categories of sin are the sins of speech. There are many ways we sin, but perhaps the most common way is by speech. Too easily, almost without thought, we engage in gossip, idle chatter, lies, exaggerations, harsh attacks, uncharitable observations and remarks. With our tongue we can spread hatred, incite fear and maliciousness, spread misinformation, cause temptation, discourage, teach error, and ruin reputations. We can surely cause great harm with a gift capable of such good! Continue reading


Retreat @ Kahupani

Couples For Christ India – Rourkela conducted a Lenten retreat in Kahupani, Jharkand. Many people, young and old attended the retreat faithfully. The participants were revealed to the great love of God and realized that God loves them dearly and is greatly concerned about every detail of their life. Continue reading

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