New Beginnings

The community of Couples for Christ in Bengal, organized their first ever Christian Life Seminar on 18th July 2015; the theme of which was “I am the way, the truth and the life!” The program culminated on 30th April 2016 with the members committing to continue their walk with God and to serve in the community of Couples for Christ. Continue reading


St. Gianna Beretta Molla

If you have watched the movie Marcelino, you cannot miss Manvel – his imaginary friend, whom he spoke to and confided in often. Even though Manvel was just a figment of Marcelino’s imagination, to the little boy he was his constant companion, his friend. So real and tangible was Manvel to Marcelino that in the end he even conquers his fears with the help of this friend.

The saints are a gift from God to us. What a privilege to have these holy people who can be our constant friends and guides through life. They draw our attention to God and show us that a life of sanctity and holiness is attainable. It is an invitation to every single person, not just a chosen few. Every Person has a call and that call is to be holy, to be a saint. Continue reading


St. Louis de Montfort

From ancient times, Celtic warriors have struck terror in the hearts of their enemies. Nobody ever wanted to mess with them.

Jean Grignon looks like he descended from these wild warriors for nobody wanted to mess with him either. He was known to have the most fiery temper in all of Brittany, one of the 6 Celtic nations. Continue reading

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