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Sacred Music: Integral or Ornamental

Our family celebrations almost always have some time set aside to singing songs together. Since the new year, this has taken a new class and original compositions are also being premiered!

It is not uncommon to find persons expressing themselves not just generally by use of words, but somewhat more deeply by breaking out into a song. Singing in our case doesn’t have to be planned, it just happens. One can think of numerous situations in life wherein singing forms an integral part of what is celebrated, commemorated or what is happening. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Stumbling Blocks

A couple of days ago, I went for a tiatr titled: “From darkness to light“. The tiatr was brilliant, but what caught my attention was a scene right at the end. Cyrus and Roysten were best friends in high school. During that time Cyrus had introduced his friend to cigarettes, alcohol, drugs, pornography and much more. By the grace of God and with the help of numerous retreats, prayers and counselling sessions with priests, Cyrus was able to get out of his addiction. His friend however was unable to change, even though many sought to help him. His health kept deteriorating and ultimately he died. Continue reading


St. Rita of Cascia

On 22nd May, the Roman Catholic Church celebrates the feast of St. Rita of Cascia, the patron saint of “the impossible“. Much like our beloved ‘Goencho Saib‘ St. Francis Xavier, St. Rita’s body lies incorrupt at the Basilica of Cascia in Umbria, Italy. Here is her life in a nutshell.

Born as Margherita Lotti, she was married forcibly at an early age to an abusive husband whom she never gave up on. She prayed for him and offered regular sacrifices. She was kind and patient with him and expressed great humility in all her dealings with him. Continue reading

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