Its great to Forgive

God’s not done with me yet!

As the aeroplane began its descent into the sand pit that was to be my home for the next 7 and a half years, I had a sinking feeling in my heart. As much as I wanted to explore the world as a flight attendant, I didn’t want to be so far away from my family and friends in an unknown land. My first day in my new home in Qatar was very lonely and a tad bit scary. As a 20-year-old, fresh out of university, I had not fully learnt how to be a responsible adult. Almost overnight my life had changed. I had moved away from family in times preceding the invention of Whatsapp and high-speed internet (if you can remember those frustrating dial-up days). Calling to talk to them was hard and really expensive. The one thing that did not change was my regular partaking of the Eucharist. The church and the Eucharist were the things that were a constant in my life and something I could hold on to. Even though the closest church was about 40 minutes each way, I made it a point to go for Mass at least once a week. However, without the backing of the community, my personal prayer time and my spiritual life, in general, began to stagnate. My spiritual life began looking somewhat like my surroundings: dry and without much life. Continue reading


S.A.V.E.D- Sanctified And Victorious Each Day

The Couples for Christ India (CFCI) – Youth Porvorim organized a three day Youth Camp from the 26th to the 28th of April at Casa Pallotti, Assagao. The camp was attended by thirty youth from Porvorim and neighbouring areas, and their response was truly welcoming which made it all the more exciting. Continue reading


Beloved 2019 – Chennai

CFCI Chennai organized its first-ever Young-Couples Conference titled ‘BELOVED‘ at the Church Park School Hall, Nungambakkam on 28 April 2019. About fifty-four couples attended the program. We were blessed to have Fr. Joe Andrew from the Family Commission to inaugurate and deliver the keynote. Continue reading


Lenten Reflections | Jesus is laid in the tomb

How could I allow myself to live paralyzed by all the fears, insecurities and areas of shame that weighed me down that did not come from God? I knew that as long as those unwanted areas in my life had control and power over me, I could not be ‘fully alive’ and live in the freedom that God intended me to have. Continue reading

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