Lenten Reflections | The body of Jesus is taken down from the cross

Through our baptism and the partaking of the most Holy Eucharist, we are intimately united with Him and reminded of His eternal, selfless and unconditional love for us. After recognizing that even Christ turned to the Father in His agony, and reflecting on the lives of saints, did I understand that it’s in the most difficult times we need to be steadfast in our trust in the Lord. Continue reading


Lenten Reflections | Jesus dies on the cross

Jesus’ act of trust isn’t just a lesson for us, but in reality, this moment puts an end to death because every sin and evil that had ever been conceived had to die too. By applying the power of the cross in my life, I see the ongoing release from sin and the ability to walk in freedom. Continue reading


Lenten Reflections | Jesus is nailed to the cross

Do we trust God? Even in the darkest of the situations, when there seems to be no light at the end of the tunnel, our God is able to pull us through. But do we praise Him in the storm? I was called to trust God completely, that even when I could not see through the darkness around me, He was there guiding me all through it. Continue reading


MER 1 – Kolkata

With the grace of God and the endeavour of the service team, the CFCI Kolkata chapter was able to organize a 2-day Marriage Enrichment Retreat (MER) program in Bengali. Amidst a lot of barriers, we were determined to have it and God was with us as we prepared and conducted the entire program. It was a blessing that we started it on a very auspicious day, Palm Sunday, the 14th April 2019, where we all attended mass at St. Patrick’s Church, DumDum and moved on to Proggaloy retreat centre, Barasat. Continue reading

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