Come Alive – 2019

I lived a fast-paced life and used to go from one party to another. Eating in all the fancy places and shopping was all that I cared about and soaked myself in. I remember once after many years I sat in the Church missing the Catechism days and observing the youth involved in church activities I envied them. Though always being on the move was fun, I didn’t have anyone to stop me when I did wrong. That’s when I received an invite to the CLS. Continue reading


Revival – Uttarkhand

Led by the Holy Spirit, brothers and sisters from different parts of the country, came together to serve the youth of the diocese of Bareily, at Anugraha Ashram, Sitarganj, Uttarkhand for a four-day Youth Camp from 13th June to 16th June 2019. These youth were full of energy, enthusiasm and a deep devotion for Christ; all they needed was a listening ear, a hand to hold and a path to be directed to. The service team was all set to serve 150 youth but were surprised to see around 300 youth on the first day itself. Continue reading


How God saved my Life

It is true when people say that a new city makes you live a different life altogether, and that’s where my transformation began.

While at my home, I was a disciplined, focused, studious child who knew what she wanted from life. But as I stepped into a new beginning, in a new town — peer pressure, anxiety, lust, hatred and anger took control. Continue reading

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