A Call to be Flawless

This year, the Christian Life Seminar (CLS) 2017 held by CFCI-Singles Caranzalem chapter (led by formators- Ilidio and Imelda Noronha) began on May 7 2017 at the Lar de Estudantes, Altinho, Panjim. The program was themed, ‘A Call to be Flawless‘ and the Caranzalem Singles were seen busy preparing for the same, months prior to the event.

On the first day, the participants were welcomed with songs, led by the music ministry followed by an ice breaker activity where the participants were seen interacting and getting to know each other. The orientation talk, attended by 48 participants, was given by Klain Simoes. He spoke about Jesus calling each of the participants by name and that they would need to have an open mind throughout the session, thereby prepping them for the program ahead. This was soon followed by a short Praise session led by Ryan Rego.

The first session given by Liane Menezes from Caranzalem, spoke about God’s immense love and the wonderful plan that He has in store for each one of us. Thereafter, the participants were divided into groups for a group discussion(GD), each group led by a group discussion head. The purpose of the same was to reiterate the points covered in the session, clarify any doubts and to help the participants see the hand of God in their lives.

A delicious meal followed, where everyone was seen happily tucking into their meal amidst all the mingling and laughter. The session after lunch began with a few lively action songs. A couple of older singles were delegated to teach the participants the actions to the songs and all were seen actively participating. A group activity later followed with the participants being taken outdoors. The Holy Eucharist was held in the Chapel at the venue after the second session given by Joshua Cordeiro. The day ended with a Praise fest led by the music ministry with everyone energetically singing and dancing unto the Lord and eagerly looking forward to the remainder of the CLS.

Thereafter, the CLS continued with the rest of the sessions being held at the Rosary Church Hall, Caranzalem. The meetings followed a similar protocol with a time of worship followed by the session and then group discussions.

At a point in the CLS, an activity called ‘Faith walk‘ was conducted on Miramar beach. Through this the participants learnt how they need to put their faith and trust in God even at times when it seems really difficult.
Mid way through the CLS, prior to the session on Life in the Holy Spirit, an Inner healing session was conducted where the participants were led through all the inner hurts an individual could have probably been subjected to during the different developmental stages up to the present time. They were also encouraged to forgive in order to bring healing into these situations.

After the session on Life in the spirit, the next meeting had a praise activity in store for the participants, where they were taught the importance of praising God at all times.

The last session of the CLS was given by our formator, Tito Ilidio. He spoke about, now having developed a relationship with God; how it should transform the way we live. He also spoke about how great it would be to have the new participants join in the support system of CFCI-Singles and that in order to do that they would have to take their commitment. The CLS ended with a gathering for the entire service team as well as all the participants on 28th July 2017.

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