A Glimpse of Heaven

August brought with it the most awaited event for all our singles in the community, the CFCI singles conference –  ‘A Glimpse of Heaven’ This year’s conference drew its inspiration from Pope John Paul II’s teachings on the ‘Theology of the Body’ and gave the singles a whole new perspective on their sexuality.

Here’s what some had to say “Ever since I got back from the conference, I’ve had more of a reason to feel hopeless about who I am with my poor health and other things, But my faith has remained unshaken because of the deep healing inside my soul, that took place during my time with Jesus (during the time of adoration). Jesus revealed to me things I’d never imagined could happen, and this took me through the most beautiful confession ever! And consequently, the most empowering pray-over!

And that health in my soul is the best thing that could have ever happened to me! It’s changing everything for me!  I don’t think I would have made the time for this kind of a change in my work-oriented lifestyle, if it wasn’t for a conference of this nature.

I know what I have to do because of the way I’m equipped at a conference to walk towards Heaven faithfully & practically, seeking God’s grace at all times in various ways. It’s not as abstract and unreal, as it maybe for others…the path is not made easy but it is clear, and the goal is lit up!

Marissa Andrews

Since CFCI-Kids, I’ve been truly blessed. Through the teachings, sharing and life experiences of the other members, I have and I am being continuously transformed. This experience is getting better each year at conference.

This year too, ‘A Glimpse of Heaven’ was just what I needed. The sessions were enriching, enlightening and life-giving. With my own struggles and temptations of the flesh, the conference has helped me renew my mind, heart and soul. During the Adoration, the Lord revealed so many areas of sin in my life and gave me the courage to confess them as well.

I’ve been experiencing Heaven everyday post conference as I crucify my lust. Personal prayer too has become an inevitable part of my life. I can truly see what God’s Perfect Love has done and what it’s doing to me!

Juliet Rodricks

This year’s conference has truly given me ‘A Glimpse of Heaven’. What can I say? I have received God’s choicest blessings, in the form of this community and I couldn’t have asked for more.

This conference was a big eye opener for me. I have come to realize that the sins which I personally thought wouldn’t matter much, were grave indeed! I have struggled for a very long time, with Lust and addiction to Pornography. On several occasions, I made an attempt to quit, but I just couldn’t let go. This conference happened at the right time. When I desperately needed it.

I am thankful to God, for helping me take the first step towards His path. I know the evil one is out there, always waiting to attack, but I have strong faith in our Father and His Son too and I know that I, through Jesus, will be able to resist Satan and his works.

Through this conference, I have learnt of things that will help fight the temptation of falling into the sin of lust. I have already started praying for myself and for all the women I “CHECK OUT”. I am into the second chapter of the book ‘A Glimpse of Heaven’. It’s like revisiting the talks at the conference. I feel the book speaks to me directly.

I have had an amazing week so far and I pray that the Spirit continues to live in me and also in every one of us.

Francis Fernandes

For me personally, this community, this family, has taught me a lot and gives me an ocean of spiritual knowledge and guidance to cope with all the struggles in life.

One of the best things this community offers is the Conferences it conducts every year. These have helped me tremendously; one of the biggest things I have got out of this is SELF CONTROL. I’m blessed to have this quality in me.

Today with all humility I can say that I am ‘0% Alcohol’ and ‘Smoke free’ (I am 26 years old). One of the most irresistible things in me and most of us guys is, saying NO to sexual vices, but through this ministry and this conference, I have learnt to stay away from them. Saying NO to these vices was always built in me, but this conference in particular has showed me the HEAVEN that’s in MY BODY. It has made me feel better about myself and my body. The conference has also taught me how to respect the opposite person and it’s so beautiful to know.

I have made a million mistakes in the past, but now I know how to unwind those mistakes. It’s my quest that I have personally taken on, to fight the evil within me because the feeling that I get when I surrender myself to Our Lord is just awesome and I want to feel this till my last breath on earth.

Christopher Philips

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