A glimpse of His ways

Amazing! is the right word for my experience of serving in the mission at Assam. I went there to mainly teach about households and how they work, but I ended up learning a lot more than what I shared. We started our journey from Bangalore and we didn’t realize that we wouldn’t have the luxuries of life while at the mission. Among the four of us from Mangalore, three had never been on a flight before, and we were nervous for a lot of reasons.

We landed at the Dibrugarh airport and proceeded to the home of a formator, Vincent Thomas, and spent the night there. We were split into teams of five and were introduced to our guides for this mission and soon-to-be friends. Our guide, Benedict Mundu, was a soft-spoken, loving and an inherently calm man. Over the next ten days, we visited five villages and were greeted very warmly thereby the community members. To conduct the teachings for these people in Hindi was a great experience for me, as I am anything but fluent myself. As difficult as it seemed like to do this, I felt the grace and mercy of God empowering and guiding us throughout the trip.

I also experienced the power of intercession. There were situations where we had to travel and were hindered by rain, and after saying a Rosary, we were walking below clear skies! There was also an instance where the youth of the village were not interested in the sessions, in giving us time, and were not receptive. We interceded for them and thanks be to God, towards the end of the program they wanted us to keep going and did not want us to return.

Overall, the experiences I had on this mission broadened my perspective about life. I realized that I was not offering enough of myself, my time and my talents in the service of God and to His work. Also, people kept commenting on Instagram that life would be miserable in a place that doesn’t have the basic amenities which we take for granted. These people did not have a great deal of material possessions but they were happy, much more than I see in the ‘modern’ living situations.

I learnt that there is more to life than what exists in my little bubble and for all these realizations I will be forever grateful. I hope that always I would have the strength to take up the opportunities that God will give to serve Him in the future and be able to remember the things I learnt on this wonderful mission. All praise and glory be to our God for this amazing experience where we were reminded of the things that are really important in life. Signing off!

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