A Lesson on living in the Present

October 27, 2019, was the day when Seema and I together understood and genuinely reflected on the depth and strength of our marital relationship and on our life as a family.

Our life together isn’t devoid of its share of arguments, conflicts and storms that have been shaking our 15-year old marriage boat from time to time. The anxiety and pressure I felt on my professional journey reflected in our life as a family.

And while we always managed to scramble back aboard, mend and repair our boat and prevent the outside water from flooding and drowning our little family; what I really, really wanted to know was how to continually nurture and sustain our relationship together through the persistent storms that will continue to batter and buffet our daily lives.

I guess for me, during and after these sessions, as I pondered deeper, the biggest realization was the need to live in the present, to acknowledge His blessings, to cherish the gift I have in Seema as my partner and to nurture the family that I have been given. Moreover, I strongly felt the need to communicate freely and openly with my spouse instead of bottling up my feelings that fester within me and always thinking that the contrary would be considered as a sign of weakness. My pride held me back!

Yes, I realized that it’s also okay if I didn’t have all the answers as head of the family. Instead, I need to leave the burden of expectations behind, and handover all my worries and concerns to my living God and seek His guidance and presence in everything I say or contemplate about doing.

Yes, I have NOW begun the journey of living my life in the present.

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