A letter from Heaven

Beloved child
I love you so.
That to gain a place in your heart,
My life I did let go.

You are my chosen one,
A potter’s work of art,
My precious salt, my perfect light,
You’re the joy of my heart.

Beloved, in these days of rage and hate,
I desire not war and fude.
But one thing alone, one thing remains,
To love one another as I have loved you.

Fathers, discipline your seed,
And mothers nurture them with love.
So shall they, with you as guides,
Be spotless and graceful, as pure as a dove.

I am the way, the truth and the life
I have carved you on my palm.
My sheep I shall not forsake,
The tempest in your life I shall calm.

To be holy as the Heavenly Father is holy,
And with His grace bear fruit.
I desire heaven, to save little souls,
To build our kingdom, and deepen our root.

Dalreen Fernandes & Nicole Rodrigues

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