A Story of Praise

God has worked beautifully in my life. I have learnt that God works in His own ways and that He knows our deepest desires. I have experienced this and truly believe in it. And today I can stand with pride and share how God has spoken to me and how He listens to His people. At the beginning of the conference, Levin questioned each one of us – “What are we here for?” Though we gave silly answers and even laughed over it, still deep down in my heart the same question needed an answer and the eagerness to know “Why?” And Levin’s reply was true – “I am here because God has chosen us and He has called us to be here“. His words struck me and he then urged us to listen to God and pray as to what He wants from us.

I prayed and asked God that by the end of this conference I want an answer, and at the same time I was seeking an answer to a particular question. But before knowing the question, just a flashback. I use the Laudate app to pray, which I use religiously everyday in the morning. Two days before the conference I opened the app to pray, and something spoke within me saying, “You use this app every day. Do you really know what Laudate means?” I was taken aback by that thought. I had no idea what it meant and I thought I would search the meaning or ask my household – but I didn’t end up doing either. This thought kept troubling me and there was an eagerness to know. But I let this be with me and did not let anyone know about it.

As I mentioned before God knows our deepest desires. We reached a day prior to the conference at the venue and were helping the team with the set up. I was watching them put up the conference banner and to my surprise the conference was called – Laudate! I rejoiced because this was exactly what I was looking forward to – to know what Laudate meant. I thanked God for He knew that I wanted to know about this and said – “Jesus, you are the only one who could do this.” I praised him for what he had done. I couldn’t stop smiling and my heart was filled with joy.

There were certain struggles that I was going through, which were all connected to each other. At the last conference – Hearts of Sacrifice, I didn’t know how to praise and pray, especially in tongues. It was more than a year that I was praying to the Holy Spirit to teach me to praise and to receive the gift of tongues.

Unfortunately, I never received it. I was also apprehensive about praying at our household meeting because I felt I was not good at it. During our COP talk on holiness, I felt God speak to me through our household member saying that God doesn’t want fancy prayers and words. God just wants me, and He is our Father, we can tell Him anything we want. We don’t require special words to express our love for Him. He is right there waiting for each of one of us. That really affected me and it helped me to get closer to God our Father and to know the Trinity’s love.

Now after a year of praying and waiting, during the conference worship, God gave me the gift of tongues. And He also revealed to me the true meaning of Laudate; from now on I will always be open to His Word. I learnt at the conference that it is only and purely praises that God wants from me.

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3 Responses to A Story of Praise

  1. Very well explained the gradual understanding of love of Jesus and how he brings us to him when we have a desire. This makes me understand just a deep and a strong desire to learn everything from His words is enough to lead a happy and a holy life. I also learnt that if there is no desire and communication with our Lord its as good as walking in the darkness with out knowing who is Jesus. Thank you so much for inspiring me . God bless us all

  2. Wow… So simple yet so amazing! Praise God for or persistence and commitment to Him. He has truly rewarded you for that and has encouraged me to hold on more faithfully to Him.. God bless you!