A Time to Love

Praise Parade, Goa
I had been for my first NYC in 2009. It was held in Goa itself and it was a blast!! So this time NYC again awesome!! Being Out of Goa it was going to be double awesome!

After about a journey of almost a day, we arrived really early in the morning, right above shone a sky fully clad with a blanket of stars! And a cold breeze blew past the empty roads of Gujarat. The next afternoon was the official inauguration of the NYC! What excitement!! We couldn’t wait for it. The camp was jam packed with youth from across India. Right from Orissa to Gujarat, Goa to Mumbai, Jharkhand ,Bihar and so on. The list just goes on! And in store for all of us sessions, games, competitions new songs, praise and worship, adoration, confession, and a whole lot of fun!! The sessions were all revealing, helping us understand and learn so many things we never knew, quite interesting not to mention it, we were the most enthusiastic lot. With all our doubts cleared by the end of camp and all our little hand books filled, going back home the same way we got there was not even an option! There was something that everyone was going to take back home from there for sure, the sessions were mind blowing and we could really relate to them even with true life changing testimonies of singles and older youth we knew so well, each one had at least the hope of a Change in their life especially our family relationships , that included me.

Do read the News Report by Caryn Putman, a Youth from Gujarat.

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