Acknowledgement to my God

Jesus you are my strength,
Jesus you are my courage,
Jesus you are my everything,
Jesus you are my all.

I want to live a life,
That is true.
I want to live a life,
A life with you.

You are my savior,
My redeemer.
You are my deliverer,
You are my comforter.

You’re always with me,
Be it night or be it day.
When I am on my knees,
You take my pain away.

And you grant me,
All that I need.
You watch over me,
Even in my sleep.

Lord you are there for me,
When I fall.
You are there for me,
When I am left by all.

You are my God,
And though your presence is a mystery.
Your love for me,
Will never be history.

About Elvis Dias

Elvis Dias is currently working as a Portuguese specialist at Accenture and is also pursuing his MBA from Bangalore. He hails from Goa and is an active member of CFCI Singles. He started glorifying God through his poems from his adolescent days and is passionate about serving in the kingdom of God.

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