All Bangalore Singles Meet

Couples for Christ India (CFCI) – Bangalore held its first ever ‘All Bangalore Singles Meet’ on March 29th, 2015 at Our Lady of Sacred Heart Church, Belandur. It was truly a moment to cherish, as the CFCI singles both Indians and Africans took this grand occasion to know and familiarize with each other.

The full day program was organized by the Household servants of Singles and Youth. The newly formed singles music band led the community into praise and worship. It was followed by ice-breakers and games to help the singles initiate conversation with each other. Jimmy Xavier, formator of CFCI Singles and Chapter Servant of Bangalore spoke about the importance on ‘Why God raised CFCI Singles?’. After the intense teaching, the singles were separated into households to share their experiences and learn on how they could faithfully live out their calling as a true CFCI Singles.

The singles were served sumptuous food and were quickly asked to get back for some more fun and frolic. The Holy Eucharist was one of great joy and celebration as it was the Palm Sunday. Fr Antic escorted the singles into a procession of carrying palms and celebrated the mass by tradition. The highlight of the mass was the interactive homily as it included a lot of videos. The priest gave insights on his encounter with a Carmelite nun called Sr. Rosy from Thanjavur, Tamilnadu who has the Stigmata, the five wounds of Jesus Christ. The faithful who had gathered were also taken to musical heaven as the African Singles took charge of the music.

One could affirm that it was truly heart-warming to watch brothers and sisters from different races coming together just to seek God and give glory to Him as one family. The ‘All Bangalore Singles Meet’ which will be organized every fifth weekend of a month, came to an end with a splendid praise fest by thanking God for all the mighty plans that He has in store for CFCI Singles, Bangalore.


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