All Goa Singles Meet

The bi-monthly meeting for various chapters in Goa was held on 4 Aug 2013, at Holy Spirit, Church Margao. This meeting was conducted by the CFC- Singles, Margao.

The meeting started with fellowship, were the singles were seen wishing each other a Happy Friendships Day while the Titos and Titas were found hugging their respective household members and being wished a Happy Pastors Day. An CFCI – Single from Santacruz chapter, named Brian was also celebrating his birthday.
The praise & worship was led by Neshwin Almeida who shared his experience relating to the theme of the day “Our behaviour as Catholics at our workplace”.

The teaching for this meeting was given by Tito Francis Menezes from Margao. He gave certain guidelines on business dealings which include the commitment to love and serve one another over economic gains, commitment to a life of righteousness and holiness, a call to become stewards of the talents and resources entrusted to us by God, willingness to take guidance from CFCI household heads in business dealings and in working out various conflicts.

The CFCI Singles conducted a bible housie through which the singles got to know the bible in depth. While the Singles played a game, the formators along with the district servant Mr. Elvis Cutinho had a discussion on the preparation of the upcoming singles conference. Various aspects like intercession, chain fast, registrations, donations and other activities to raise funds within the community were discussed. The meeting ended with announcements and a closing prayer.

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