All Good Times

So what do I do then?
For all I do is wrong
And all that I don’t do is wrong too

And if to do wrong, is nothing but to sin
Then why do we sin all along?
Sitting idle all day is a sin,
And grumbling that you have no job is a wrong again.
If god has a plan in his own sweet time
Then why is this free time, tempting to sin?

Like this nobody will enter the eternal kingdom
For mortals it is impossible,
But for God everything is possible,
His ways are strange & different from ours
That’s why he is the powerful, almighty God.

Praise God at all times
Therefore Thank God in all times,
Specially in times that you think are wrong,
For, for mortals, we see through our earthly eyes
But if we see through the eyes of God,
There’s never a time that’s wrong.

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