Am I the One?

In this world of fantasy
People with a different mentality
Navigating as per their sanity
Frustrated by vanity.

I had an illusion but no solution
Pondering anxiously, to bring it to reality
An aim to claim
Fame before my name.

Days passed, thoughts ran
With every new plan, Motivating I can
Competitive World you see
Buckle up or else, at you, the world will chuckle.

Achieved many things
Just like a petty plaything
Believing now I’m a King
Doing all, on my own wings

Pride rides wide, lacking every guide
Losing honour tending to be a goner
Developed Ego? Better forego
If not, you can never grow.

One fine day, I read and went ahead
“Simplicity and Humility
Describes your true ability”
Hit my mind, taking away my malign

Isn’t that being the purpose of life?
Success…? Yes, indeed to express, but not to aggress
Instead, redress the depressed
Surely you will progress.

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