Anbu. Vazhvu. Kudumbam. | Tamil CLS

Anbu (Love). Vazhvu (Life). Kudumbam (Family)., a Tamil CLS was conducted in KR Nagar chapel in Choodasandra, Bangalore on Oct 28, 2018. The KR Nagar chapel is a sub-parish of Our Lady Sacred Heart Parish (OLSH) in Haralur Road, Bangalore where CFCI Bangalore has been very active for several years. The Parish priest and other priests of the Missionaries of Sacred heart have always been very supportive and encouraging. Though we have conducted many English and Kannada retreats in this parish, it was the first time a Tamil retreat was organized, owing to the need of the parishioners.

The parishioners were looking forward to the one-day retreat as much as the CFCI Tamil ministry. Though all participants could speak Tamil, only a few were able to read, thus our music ministry prepared the songs in all three local languages so that everyone could join singing during the praise and worship. The first talk was on “God’s Love and Work of Jesus”. The speaker shared from his life, how he looked for happiness in the world and felt empty. His testimony on how he encountered God’s love in a parish retreat similar to the one they were attending and how he is witnessing to God’s love today helped participants to connect and remember God’s love and goodness in their own lives. Following the talk, the speaker’s spouse shared her testimony of experiencing the love of God in her life and family.

After a short tea break, the second talk was on “Strengthening Christian Family”. A couple from Chennai chapter had travelled to give this talk. Their testimony on how they deal with conflicts in their marriage and ego, anger being roadblocks in marriages and the power of asking for forgiveness and forgiving, was very moving and inspiring to the audience.

It was followed by a grand Eucharistic celebration by the Asst. Parish Priest, Fr. Immanuel of K R Nagar Chapel. During the homily, the priest was very appreciative of the Couples for Christ India movement and exhorted the participants to be part of CFCI for strengthening their marriage and family.

After a delicious lunch sponsored by a parishioner, we came together for the important topic of “Sin, Faith and Repentance”. Even though it was after lunch, the speaker could engage the participants with interactive session and activity. The participants were of all ages, sins related to ten commandments needed to be discussed accordingly. It was followed by a testimony which was the icing on the cake and every person saw a ray of hope and what our Lord can do in their lives and in the lives of their of loved ones if we repent and have faith.

After the talk, there was adoration and the sacrament of reconciliation. Several of them went for confession after a very long time. Following confessions, the parish priest, Fr. Joji Babu conducted a healing service and prayed over the participants. There were around 40 adults and what was beautiful is that the service team encountered Christ through the simplicity and hospitality of the parishioners.

The follow-up of the CLS continues to happen every Sunday at the K R Nagar chapel, at 3:00 pm.

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