I was a person who spoke a lot during childhood but as I was growing I spoke very less. Why? -because I had a problem with my speech. I never responded when my classmates and other people made fun of me but it did hurt me and I spoke very less.

When I was in class 5, I thought it would be a beautiful new start to another chapter in the journey of my life but situations change. My dad fell sick and my mom had to go to abroad to take care of him. Thus I was put in a new boarding school in the middle of my class 6 year and to make new friends was difficult as everyone had their own friend circle.

As months passed I had made many friends but here again they made fun of me and I was feeling very lonely and sad and wanted to go to my previous school. However there was one friend who encouraged me to speak and not care about what people said. He did make fun of me so as to make me strong and always told me to remember

“You are a child of God, he has created you in his own image and likeness and God loves you always.”

This was something that kept me going and helped me always when I was low and sad.

Later my friend found out I sing well so he enrolled me for a singing competition without informing me and told me on the day of the competition. He said, “Prove to everyone that you’re a beloved child of God and you love him for being an amazing father to you.” I sang and won the competition. This one step which I took helped give me courage everywhere. As a result I started taking part in school and church activities and made a lot of friends. There were still a few who kept making fun of me but it never made me weak. I thank God for blessing me with an angel friend who gave me the courage and strength to keep going. I keep thanking God for loving me and always being there for me. And yes, God loves us all but we must have faith in him.

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4 Responses to Angel

  1. That’s so amazing Joy!
    You’ve never failed to be a blessing in so many of our lives, you’ve always been an inspiration…
    You’re truly our Angel in disguise