“Arise, shine, for your light has come, and the glory of the LORD rises upon you.”- Isaiah 60:1

The first module of the Christian Life Seminar organized by the CFCI Singles of Pune was held from 19th May 2017 to 21st May 2017 at Sanjeevan Ashram, Pune for working singles.

There were a total of 27 participants including the service team from Pune and 3 Singles from Porvorim, Goa. The program started with action songs which filled the room with energy and then a few ice breakers were conducted which helped us get to know each other well and most importantly made us laugh and have lots of fun. We ended the evening making new acquaintances and looked forward to an awesome experience the following day.

The next morning started at 7am with a few action songs to shake off the sleep. Breakfast followed and was accompanied with the arrival of the team from Goa. The first talk on the ‘Father’s Love‘ and the second one on ‘What it means to be a Christian‘, were given by our own Pune Singles with a lot of personal testimonies. This was followed by Mass and lunch. A part of the third talk on ‘Sin‘ was given by a member of the Goan team which was followed by one to ones with the formators. After this was dinner and then we had some time of music, games and fellowship which the participants really enjoyed. The new participants slowly started warming up to the action songs and showing their enthusiasm. The second day went as planned and we could see God working beautifully in and through all of us.

The next day followed a similar flow to the previous one, starting off with some action songs and breakfast. After breakfast the next part of the third talk ‘Repentance and Faith‘ was continued. Each talk had group discussions where participants were invited to share their lives based on the sessions. The participants were then led into a time wherein they examined their lives before the exposed Blessed Sacrament and once prepared were encouraged to make a good confession. The participants had a beautiful experience during the time of adoration which was led by the team from Goa and many shared later that they were able to make meaningful confessions. Later all participated in the Holy Eucharist. After lunch, the older members shared their experience in the CFCI Singles community. We then asked the participants to share about their experience of the live-in program; every one of them expressed that they had taken that first step towards God and were beginning to open their hearts to him.

We ended the program with a praise fest which was led by the music ministry. Everybody enjoyed the praise fest, dancing and singing for the lord.

The remaining two modules were held the following weekends with a talk given each consecutive Sunday. We also celebrated Family Day with the entire CFCI Pune community on Pentecost Sunday where the new participants got a deeper look into the community and had an awesome time of fellowship. The team from Goa returned for the session on the Holy Spirit where we learnt how we should appeal to the Paraclete for help. This was followed by an infilling session, wherein everyone present was led into a time of deeper worship and they yearned and appealed to the Holy Spirit for His gifts and fruit.

The Covenant Day at the end of the CLS was organized beautifully by the service team, at the same venue where the live-in program was held. It was a pleasant surprise for the 12 new members who took the CFCI Covenant. Fr Rajesh Pereira, graced the event and blessed each new member and also gave a lovely explanation as to what a covenant really is and how we can live it. The celebrations culminated in a lovely lunch that was arranged by the service team.

Through this CLS, each one of us was able to see the hand of God at work. We saw how everything fell into place beautifully and how he empowered us to accomplish all that was set before us. Praise God!

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