Armour of God

The CFCI Kids Bangalore met on August 3, 2013, for a Kids program based on the theme Armour of God, as spoken about in Ephesians 6:10-18. The hymns, the activities, the teaching, the demonstration was wholly based on “God’s mighty warriors” – Armour of God.

The program started with a small prayer and an action song taught by CFCI Singles Jogy, Conroy and Elvis. As an icebreaker, the kids were asked to identify the parts of the armour worn by a soldier. They were then asked why a soldier needed armour.

The next activity was the pyramid game conducted by Conroy where the kids were asked to try and knock over the pyramid of paper cups with the balls given to them. This activity was repeated with a slight change. The next time the pyramid was behind an obstacle making it impossible for the kids to knock it over. This activity was conducted to stress on the point that Satan is always trying to knock us down, but God loves us and gives us his armour so that we will not be knocked down by sin.

Following the activity was a teaching given by Amanda, were she explained the parts of the armour by relating it to simple things so that the kids could understand it easily. She also explained the purpose of each part of the armor, who can give us the armor and how the armor can be worn all the time.

The next session by Elvis was a narration about the life of St.Ignatius of Loyola and how from being an ordinary soldier he changed his life to become a saint, an extraordinary soldier of God. The children where then shown a short movie to reiterate the importance of the armour of God.

The meeting ended with the final activity where the kids were given puzzles and crosswords to be solved. The activity laid emphasis on the Armour of God. On the whole, the kids left the place learning about God’s armour, how important the armour is and to wear the armour by reading the bible and praying to God every day.

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