Assam Forever

“Will you be able to serve at the Assam mission this May?” I was asked, and I knew I had to! This was my second mission, yet I was equally thrilled and excited as if it was my first. I was initially very skeptic about the mission for various reasons, such as it was a two-week mission – a long time away from home, and I had concerns about electricity, food and especially the feeling of unworthiness; knowing that I was struggling to live out the very talks that I would have to give there. Little did I know what the Lord had in store for me in Assam.

We reached Tinsukia and it had been raining cats and dogs. The weather in Assam wasn’t definitive. This too got me all worked up as to how we were going to schedule our program so that the youth were able to make it. I didn’t want the rain to be a factor for their absence. Although I was supposed to let go and rely on the Lord Almighty, I was depending on my own strength and knowledge.

As we began the overnight journey to our first village, I thought I was prepared for whatever came my way. But I wasn’t prepared for ‘see-through’ bathrooms and muddy roads. But what I was also not ready for was the warm and tender love that the people offered. For someone who wasn’t big on hugs and affection, I sure did receive them in measures I can’t imagine. The people in Assam mostly worked in tea gardens. They didn’t make much for themselves, yet they opened up their homes, cooked food for us, and served us on cutleries that I can’t remember when I last used back at home.

No mission in the North East is complete without ‘Jai Yeshu’. It was awkward going from ‘heyyyy!!!’ to ‘Jai Yeshu’ all of a sudden. It was so difficult in the beginning since this was not what I did but eventually, it became a part of me. It was wonderful knowing that I was praising God as I greeted someone whether a random stranger or a familiar face.

It rained in every single village that we visited. But it seemed like God went ahead of us and cleared the weather for us so that more and more youth could attend. And I had to do nothing except to rely on His might. For someone sensitive to changes in weather and food, I didn’t want it in any way to hinder from sharing the Word and the Lord took care of it. All I had to do was trust and surrender it all to Him. It was so beautiful to see the way the Lord was working in all these youths as well as in me.

I feel so blessed to have been a part of this mission. It is humbling to know that the Lord chose me in spite of all my shortcomings and has blessed me with a profession which makes it possible for me to work for Him. Assam, you shall be remembered!

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