Biron D'Souza

Biron is an ever inquisitive, ever reading, everyday Catholic. He loves God, the catechism, history, dancing crazy and speaking to people (a lot!). He's into marketing by profession and tries to be a nice guy when he's not boring you with his stories. He's married to Andrea - who has somehow survived his incessant blabbering - and they are based out of Bangalore, India.

Faith at Work

On Authority and Submission

This isn’t a new topic at all for many of us. Many of us struggle in this area of trying to submit to people above us, especially when we believe that we are (supposedly) much better than the person who is in authority.

How much does authority mean in a community like ours? Is it relevant at all? Isn’t each one of us guided by the Holy Spirit? Can I not bank on the years of experience that I have serving God in different places to be able to take a call and challenge the call of the leader? Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Power of the Tongue

Over the last two sessions we’ve heard about how God deserves the praise that we offer, that our whole life is meant to praise Him because it is due to Him. But, like we saw in the first session, we don’t always feel like praising God and it’s more likely that it’s difficult to praise God freely even when we feel like we have reason to. Continue reading

Faith at Work

Lent – your all new Give Up list

It is February already! While we are still in the afterglow of the Christmas season, it is time to say hello to Lent. One of my personal favorite seasons (weirdo that I am) and along with Lent comes the list of ‘sacrifices’ and ‘abstinences’. While we have become comfortable giving up meat, of late the young crowd (which I still relate myself with, deniers can take a hike) have come up with more innovative ‘give ups’ for Lent.

While I am trying not to completely rip-off my inspiration for this post (thanks Christina Mead!), I am making an attempt to create a ‘give-up’ and ‘take-up’ list closer to the Indian youth context. Continue reading