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Catholic Essential Online Resources

Catholic Essential Online Resources

The search for good Catholic online resources is a journey we all undertake. Most often we are blessed to get them with hardly any effort but there comes that time once in a while where no matter how much we search we just don’t get the right one. There are times, we do get resources and use them, only to know that many of them were not Catholic at all, and thus very often we land ourselves with our foot in our mouths. Continue reading


National Servants Conference 2015

The National Servant’s Conference was finally in view after turning the last corner toward the Divine Call Center Mulki, all the National Servants across India adjusted their mirrors and revved right ahead. Elvis Cutinho was decided upon unanimously to be the emcee for the gathering. Francis Menezes, the national formator for Singles and Youth from Goa inaugurated the National Servants Conference and the event began. Continue reading