Africa Mission

CFC-FFL has 3 full-time missionaries working in Malawi responsible for the mission work for the continent of Africa – Tony Correia, his wife Maria Correia and Stephanie D’Souza – a consecrated single. The mission in Africa commenced in 2014.

January brought new challenges with Tony coping with his stroke in Goa and Stephanie coping with her near-fatal accident in Malawi. But God has his own plans which any day overcome the enemy. We had two young able and zealous missionaries from Goa – Aaron Gomes and Reuben Carvalho join Mission Africa. Continue reading


Praise be to Our Almighty Emmanuel

Jesus was there when I was operated on 18/6/16 boldly
Effusing all with His grace and mercy touching and healing cells in my body
Sustaining me, my family, community and mission Africa through the time of this tough test of faith
Using you my brothers and sisters in prayer, service and loving sacrifices, satan’s evil plans to abate
Savior, Redeemer, King and Friend He truly is, a faithful shepherd potter and almighty God Continue reading