Faith at Work

How worldly can I be?

How do we live today? Are we occupied with looking for a well-paying job, saving, planning and in entertainment? How are we called to live? Is it really true that we have to be so detached that the world and its affairs don’t matter? Should we stop looking for well-paying jobs? Should young couples forget about saving to buy a house? Is it not right to make financial provisions for our children’s education? Should we refuse to plan holidays, book tickets in advance, dress in style, sign up for further education? If we are called to be austere in our ways, how do we ensure that our austerity does not impinge on our God given responsibilities and obligations? Continue reading

Personal Relationships

Ecumenism at Home

So many thoughts have occupied my mind during these last few months. One of the foremost being, that some of our family members have moved to another Christian denomination. What should be our attitude towards them? Should we denounce them, attempt to reconvert them, break ties with them, look down on them or just pray for them? Continue reading