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Warrior Queen

My earliest memory of devotion to Mama Mary was praying the rosary before bed with my family on my plastic glow-in-the-dark beads. There were many evenings when I would feign sleep so that we would pray a shorter version of it or I could skip it altogether. For the life of me, I couldn’t remember the mysteries nor could I understand why we mentioned them when the entire time we were “Hail-ing” Mama Mary. If there was one thing that didn’t change in our home, it was praying the rosary and when I left home, I left the rosary as well… until I was introduced to the Legion of Mary by my parents. In addition to the five decades, they had added the Catena Legionis prayed by every faithful legionary. It was at this point that my notion of Mama Mary as a docile, quiet and caring mother was turned on its head. Continue reading


Lenten Reflections | Jesus dies on the cross

Jesus’ act of trust isn’t just a lesson for us, but in reality, this moment puts an end to death because every sin and evil that had ever been conceived had to die too. By applying the power of the cross in my life, I see the ongoing release from sin and the ability to walk in freedom. Continue reading

Personal Relationships

A Pleasing Sacrifice

Sacrifice of Praise

Last year He challenged us to SACRIFICE ourselves, our desires, comforts and even our suffering – to unite ourselves with Jesus work of Redemption on the cross.

The year before that, (2013) God invited us to BELIEVE in who He is – that his only will is Love, even in our suffering. If we have grasped this, we have begun to understand what He came to do.

To sacrifice we must know for whom we are sacrificing and to what end. For this we need to believe not just with our minds but with our wills that God is good, He is Love and He is completely and absolutely in control with the desire to save all mankind, including ourselves. Continue reading