Only in God will you find True Love

The months of January and February saw many of the Porvorim singles busy visiting the nearby parishes (Socorro, Salvador-do-Mundo, Brittona,Saligao, Calangute, Reis Magos and Mapusa), talking to the youth there, sharing experiences of their time in the community with them and inviting them to experience a love that can only be found in God.

The Christian Life Seminar (CLS) 2017, held by Couples for Christ India–Singles, Porvorim began on 7th March 2017 at the Holy Family Church hall at 7.30 pm. The programme consisted of a 3-module seminar each having 3 sessions, held on every consecutive Tuesday. Continue reading


St. Maria Goretti

Even if she had not been a martyr, she would still have been a saint, so holy was her everyday life.
~ Cardinal Salotti

Saint Maria Goretti whose feast is celebrated on July 6 is a virgin-martyr and one of the youngest canonized saints.

Maria lost her father to malaria when she was nine and since then her life was very hard. Her family was forced to give up the farm, their home and share a house with another family, the Serenellis. Maria looked after the household chores and watched her younger sister Teresa while her mother and brothers worked in the fields. Continue reading


The Grace to Love

One fine morning, my close friend suddenly stopped talking to me. I tried asking her but she never said why. She’s a non-catholic, tomboy, atheist and acts very hard hearted at times. She’s the centre of everyone’s attraction but since we weren’t speaking, I kept my distance from her and the group and hence felt really lonely and left out. This went on for 3 months. Continue reading