The Stations of the Cross

The CFCI Bangalore Kid’s meeting for the month of March was held on 21 February 2015 at Our Lady of Sacred Heart’s (OLSH) church, Bangalore. Given the season of Lent, the theme of the meeting was ‘The Stations of the Cross’. Continue reading


Valentines Day Celebration

And finally the day arrived – one that was anticipated for from sometime. The CFCI Singles, Bangalore, organized a Valentine’s Day celebration for the CFCI Couples, Bangalore on 14 February, 2015. Held at OLSH church, Bellandur, this event marked a time of crazy fun, laughter, free of any inhibition. Continue reading

The Need of Prayer for Elections

As elections are round the corner, there is a constant worry about what the outcome of the coming is going to be. Whether the Government that will be formed will be conducive to us Christians, or whether it will be one that will bring persecution for us. The truth of the matter is that the coming Government may not be the deciding factor that puts an end to the atrocities that Christians face. In fact, there may be many more challenges that may only spur up. So all we can do is surrender to our ever loving God and pray that the journey be smooth. Continue reading