Joyful Mystery: The Nativity of our Lord Jesus Christ

There may be circumstances and situations where the road ahead is not very clear, or where God’s will or his working may not be apparent to us. But the Lord is asking us to have faith and hold on to his promises just like Mary did, with humble obedience and trust that whatever He will bring about, it will be for our good, according to His will and in His time. Continue reading


I’ll Praise you in the Storm

Since 2017, I’ve uprooted my life – changed jobs (twice), field of work (twice), embraced the life of an extrovert while moving to a city I had never visited before, where I had no relatives, a few acquaintances from the community, no backup plan and no funds in my bank

How was all this possible? Continue reading


My Immaculate Misconceptions

This is my strange and completely true story…
New Year’s 2015

“Take me to church…”

It wasn’t a prayer or a request.

It was the crumbs of a controversial song I had heard the previous week, echoing in my sleep-deprived head. It played on and on, with the urgency of a prayer, until I finally got up and went for morning mass. Continue reading