St. Francis of Assissi

Our parish, St. Anthony’s Friary is run by the Franciscans, Order of Friar Minor. Everything about our parish – the Franciscans, their contagious warmth, the chapel where the Blessed Sacrament is exposed, the friary garden and the friary itself, fills me with a sense of awe. One of my best friends, an old friar gave me a book titled ‘A New Kind of Fool‘ by Christopher Coelho which was about the life of Saint Francis of Assisi. The whole experience of reading the book about Saint Francis left me with a new found fascination for this great saint, and leading me to consider him as one of my favorite saint. After learning about his way of life, I felt truly inspired. I love nature and one of the reasons I could relate to Saint Francis is due to his sublime love for nature too. Saint Francis is the patron saint of ecology, animals and merchants. Out of the many instances in his life, one popular story is about a fierce wolf in the town of Gubbio which devoured not only animals, but humans as well. The whole town lived in terror because of this, but St. Francis was not afraid H went out to meet the wolf, blessed it, and and made peace with it. The wolf decided to no longer kill and the townsfolk in return made sure the wolf had plenty to eat every day. Thus he not only brought peace to the town of Gubbio but also built friendship between the townsfolk and the wolf. Continue reading