In Awe Of Your Grace

All ye nations sing songs of praise;
Raise your hands and receive His grace.
For you Lord have rescued generations;
Though we are unfaithful You turned away from our transgressions.

When I was in darkness You showed me Your light;
When I was proud You showed me Your might.
In sadness as I danced to the worlds tune;
You gave me joy as I knelt alone in my room.

In Awe Of Your Grace

I searched for You in the work of my hands;
I searched for You in the people I met.
Yet I was too deaf to notice;
The one on whom I rested my head.

But through the storm You screamed out to me;
It was not I who ran to you but You who ran to me.
You held me near Your wounded heart;
And said darling don’t you ever depart.

So let every sinner shed tears of joy;
And every faithful remain always so.
I for one will bow before my Father’s throne;
And submit my heart to Him now and forever more.

About Amulya Rodrigues

Amulya Rodrigues is a full time pastoral worker for Love Life and Family, Public Charitable Trust. Like a true Mangalorean she loves to eat pork. However her love for the Father God exceeds that. Known for her short and sweet nature, she enjoys finding silliness in the most dullest of places. Her academics has an equally interesting twist, having done her BA in English, Psychology, Criminology, she went on to do her masters in Multimedia and subsequently worked for Manipal Global before becoming a full timer. Her joy lies in knowing her Father God as you may catch her saying 'I am my father's daughter' with a huge grin.

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