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God is calling us to take up the responsibility as Christians to a new Evangelization.
We Christians make up for 1/3 of the world’s population and are into a lot of developmental works, doing a lot of good things , but we miss out on the essence of Christian mission.

We work with the poor, fight for justice, but did Jesus come to do all this? Jesus preached the good news of the kingdom of God. He evangelized. This does not mean that Jesus was not interested in the poor and downtrodden. He gave us the mission to provide and share with them what He has blessed us with. Our time, talent, wealth, resources so and if we share there would be no one in need just as the early Christians did.

If we are focused on what is most essential, then everything else should fall into place. When we neglect what is most essential, then whatever good we desire or try to do could easily lead us astray, and we end up opposing Christ and his mission. Our basic work is spiritual, not social, political or economic.

When we evangelize we are engaged in a spiritual warfare and the evil one brings obstacles to enslave God’s people against God’s plan . When Jesus drove out the demons he ordered them not to speak. They knew him as the Son of God. Do we really know Jesus. What is the relationship we have with him?

Many of us Christians know about Jesus but not what He has called us to do -that is to live our lives loving God, loving our neighbor and striving to be perfect. Jesus is calling us to preach and proclaim the good news of salvation and to set people free from the evil one.

This is the new Evangelizsation.

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About Frank Padilla

Founder of the Couples for Christ (CFC) community. Way back in 1981, CFC was started through the initiative of the Ang Ligaya ng Panginoon Community (LNP). In January 1981, LNP gathered 16 couples who went through a Life in the Spirit Seminar, with the intent of bringing them into LNP. But instead they were kept together for a few months after the program, until it was decided that a new group would be established to emphasize family life renewal. It would be an outreach of LNP. Frank and Gerry Padilla were among the 16 couples that became members in June of 1981 when CFC was born. Frank quickly emerged to be a top leader, and in 1985, he was already the Executive Director, running the day-to-day work of the whole community. In 1986 he went full-time for CFC and has been serving the community since, through two separate splits the community saw. Today he serves as the Servant General of CFC-FFL (Couples for Christ-Foundation for Family and Life). Know more about the founder at CFC-FFL

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