Back to His Heart!

There I was, living on the edge,
Not a care for the world,
Nor for my perishing soul,
Battered and bruised within,
Yet oblivious to my festered wounds,
And numb to my own pain.

That’s when He came along,
Whispering words of comfort,
There is hope”, He said,
“How?” I asked, fighting bitter tears,
And He whispered back,
My grace is sufficient for you”.


Never had I heard a voice so tender,
Nor known of a promise so certain,
Nor felt a love so profound,
That’s when I knew what I was missing all along.

The incessant yearning and restlessness,
The abysmal void in my soul,
That nothing in this world could fill,
He took me in all my brokenness,
He moulded and made me whole.

Still naive and learning the ropes,
I couldn’t yet comprehend
The expanse and fullness of His love,
Yet something in my heart knew,
There was no turning back then.

And since the day I chose Him,
Every moment, ever so gently,
He directs me towards His will.
He never lets go of my hand,
When I fall, He wipes off the dust,
And in no time I’m heading back for the battle,
Much stronger than before.

Oh what a wondrous love I’ve found,
And I know you would find it too,
The love of my life is waiting,
So run, run like you’ve never before,
There He is, with arms wide open,
He’s waiting, waiting for YOU!

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