Being on Fire For God

I’ve always been a dreamer. As a Post-Graduate, my biggest dream was to become a news anchor. When I stepped out of St Joseph’s College in 2012, I chased my dreams of changing the world by becoming a journalist. I grabbed all the opportunities that came my way and worked for some of the best employers in the country, but God had a greater plan for my life, and I realized that He still called me to change the world in His own way.

Today, I complete one year as a full-time pastoral worker with Couples For Christ India. My life as a missionary has been so amazing, that I’ve not realized how time has gone by. It just feels like everything happened over a cup of coffee. One year? Maybe the clock has cheated me by running too quickly!

In this great pursuit of becoming His true disciple, I’ve been loaded with memories that will never fade. I have had the opportunity to travel and interact with community members from all across the country and have learnt valuable lessons to last me a lifetime.

My first mission to Assam taught me the joy of giving others till it hurt, while my trip to Gujarat taught me to open doors to strangers and feed them. When the community elders in Jharkand washed my muddy feet (after all the travel) before welcoming me into their home, it taught me a great deal of humility. The one destination that I have travelled the most to- Goa, taught me to love others. Last but not the least, the Bangalore community, where I come from, constantly teaches me to be on fire for God.

Undoubtedly, the last twelve months have been the best ones of my life. Was it easy to give up my career and work as a missionary? No, it wasn’t. It was obviously difficult. I have my own struggles in life, which requires me to hold on to a good paying job, but I gave it all up for the love of God and Him alone. St Paul, the great apostle, in his first letter tells young Timothy that when one is single, they could devote more time for the work of God as they wouldn’t get distracted by any responsibility. While my entire life belongs to God, I wanted to serve Him with my everything, before I get loaded with the responsibilities of life.

The scenes of how Jesus went through the most horrific and torturous death in the world would repeatedly play in my mind. How can Jesus be so insanely in love with us? If He, the king of kings, could be so foolish to give up His life for people who are as ungrateful as us, giving up a thriving career for Him was not a huge thing for me. It honestly didn’t look foolish, as I knew it would please God. Well, the world had a million things to say but only God remained my priority and I will continue to serve Him full-time until He allows me.

All of us in this blessed community are called to serve God is some way. Have you ever asked yourself how is God calling you to serve? I agree, not everyone is called to serve as full-time missionaries, but you can still choose to become a ‘Missionary‘ in the spare time God has provided you.

I repeat the words of St Paul,

‘The youth can do magnificent things for the master’s cause’

There is a huge amount of work still to be done and this community is looking for youngsters to go on missions. Our household servants, formators and chapter servants are looking for various mission volunteers. Speak to them and take up something that interests you and serve God through that. If you and I are part of this community, enjoying our walk with God and fellowship with each other, it is only because a brother/sister went out of his/her way to preach the good news to us. They had a heart beating for God and eagerness to win souls for Him. Do we have the same fire in our hearts?

Let us be mindful that we owe our lives to God. After all, what is life, if it isn’t used for His glory? St. Catherine of Sienna puts it beautifully,

“If you are what you should be, you will set the whole world ablaze!”

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2 Responses to Being on Fire For God

  1. Wish you the Peace of Jesus Christ our Lord. Thank God for allowing you to serve in His kingdom. God bless you…. Joseph Bose, Vapi