I Believe

Doubt, doubt and doubt, is all I did
And failed to make Your will, mine
Yet a place for me in Your kingdom, You didn’t forbid
For this Lord, may Your love and name forever shine.

I Believe

I believe that You are the one true God
I believe that You are my only King
I believe that You are my Lord
And that’s all my heart yearns to sing.

We are so lost in our desires
So blind to Your existence
But You’re hurting heart never tires
And in our bad times You make felt Your presence.

We have made earthly things our priorities
Have become ignorant of your promises
Easily taken over by our insecurities
And have brought upon ourselves all sorts of vices.

But now I believe You are God
The God who will deliver me
From the sinful life that I trod
From my guilt, embedded in me

About Elvis Dias

Elvis Dias is currently working as a Portuguese specialist at Accenture and is also pursuing his MBA from Bangalore. He hails from Goa and is an active member of CFCI Singles. He started glorifying God through his poems from his adolescent days and is passionate about serving in the kingdom of God.

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