Beloved 2019 – Chennai

CFCI Chennai organized its first-ever Young-Couples Conference titled ‘BELOVED‘ at the Church Park School Hall, Nungambakkam on 28 April 2019. About fifty-four couples attended the program. We were blessed to have Fr. Joe Andrew from the Family Commission to inaugurate and deliver the keynote.

The event kicked off with wonderful Praise and Worship by the music band – Throne of Praise. The central point of all the talks was based on Genesis 2: 24-25,

“Therefore, a man leaves his father and mother and cleaves to his wife, and they become one flesh. And the man and his wife were both naked, and were not ashamed.”

These verses brought to focus the four main essential pillars namely priority, pursuit, possession and purity that are necessary in building a meaningful marriage.

Our speakers Jose, Kevin and Sheetal Coyne, Gerard and Audrey, gave some great insights and elaborated on these pillars on how important it is to build our marriages upon the foundation God has set for us. They openly shared their personal experiences without hesitation and the challenges faced by them in their married lives. Giving our spouse the first place after God, continually pursuing our spouse in good as well as bad times, being ‘one‘ in the truest sense, treating one another with dignity and equality and having an open heart and unreserved attitude in all areas of our lives are some of the notable things that gave us a deeper understanding to living a steadfast married life. The questions provided for discussion and sharing after every talk helped the couples evaluate their approach towards marriage. Andrea (Goa CFCI) also touched upon the topic – ‘legacy of love, which dealt with the fundamentals for nurturing and raising children in today’s stressful world.

Fr. Bosco celebrated the Eucharist and in his homily, he beautifully emphasized on building God-centric families. Our comperes for the event, Lionel and Elizabeth, kept the day lively and also conducted fun games for the couples. The CFCI Singles, Chennai and the Bangalore Youth Ministry did the noble and appreciable work of catering to the needs, recreation, and entertainment activities for the participant’s kids. This day was facilitated by Sharon Meyne who was the event coordinator. Overall everything was well-organized and executed in a meticulous way. We thank the Lord Almighty for His grace, faithfulness and hand of protection on each one of us always.

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