Beloved – YCC Mumbai

The Young Couples unit of CFCI Mumbai celebrated its first annual Conference at Vinalaya, Mumbai, on the 19th May 2019. The 24 couple participants were taken through a journey from their courtship to their family.

Basil introduced the sessions – the Dream Marriage and its 4 pillars being Priority, Pursuit, Possession and Purity. He also spoke about God’s purpose for marriage from Gen 2:24.

The guest speakers from Chennai, Kevin and Sheetal shared their 10-year journey of marriage in their session – ‘Pearl of Great Price’ where they covered the prioritization of the spouse being supreme in marriage.

Jeswin and Lavisha, the other guest couple from Mangalore shared their 5-year marital experience called, ‘I Am Yours’ where they shed light on marital intimacy and conjugal union.

Rupa and Lino ended the session with their valuable 17 years of marital experience on the ‘Legacy of Love’ with inputs on Catholic parenting.

Fr. John Ciriac celebrated the Eucharist and in his homily again threw light on marital relationships being the most supreme.

Basil and his CFCI Singles team added the fizz and fun element with their action songs and music as the participants had lively Praise and Worship.

The conference concluded with a preview of the upcoming ‘Theology of the Body’ workshop on the 30th of June and the celebration of anniversaries.

The couples testified to the value they received from this conference and looked forward to many more in the future!

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