Belt of Truth

“Stand firm then, with the belt of truth buckled around your waist.” ~Ephesians 6:14a.

This is the verse the CFCI Kids in Bangalore took home on September 14, 2013 after their monthly meeting. After a general understanding of the Armour of God as a whole during the previous month, the kids got an opportunity to understand the first piece of armour, being the ‘Belt of Truth

Belt of Truth - CFCI Kids Bangalore

The little ones learnt how the belt of truth like the real belt keeps the whole armour together, helping a soldier fight in battles. They realised that truth had two parts; Firstly, being truthful to parents, elders and friends and secondly learning the truth about God though mass, catechism, prayer, etc.

The story of Zacchaeus and his conversion reinforced the value of telling the truth and how Christ by his compassion is always ready to help us make amends and be a friend to us. They were able to put themselves in his shoes and see how it would have been difficult to return what he had taken but he did just that through his faith in Jesus.

After a belt of truth relay which showed how telling the truth keeps everyone joyful which can be shared with everyone, object lesson plans caught the imagination and attention of their curious minds. The Velcro was an example of how when we are stuck to the Lord we are able to do so much more than what we can do alone. This is possible by loving God with all our heart. A raw egg with a separator was used to demonstrate separation of yoke from the (albumin) white to relate to our separation from sin through Jesus, but that through our actions (breaking of the yolk) we experiment with sin and sometimes fail to be fully committed to Christ. Thus we need to separate ourselves from sin by loving God

Each one of them was then given a belt on which the word “TRUTH” was to be inscribed and coloured. It symbolised a part of the armour they are going to wear, along with an activity sheet designed to help them put together all that they learnt during the day.

With this the CFCI Kids began their training as Soldiers in God’s army starting with the “Belt of Truth

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